Does gardening count as exercise?

national-gardening-exercise-dayWhen the Fitbit One’s first came out my husband and I gifted each other with one. The Fitbit is great for helping me be aware of days that I didn’t get out of my desk chair for hours and hours. Continue reading

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Garden tools: Let’s get some power!

standing hose reelSuper excited about my new toys. Each year I spend the winter months deciding what I’m going to buy.

Last year it was the mega hose reel. First I bought the pedestal version. It’s a swiveling turret design that can rotate 360 degrees and hold up to 200-feet of 5/8-inch hose. It is built for heavy duty use with all steel with anti-rust finish. Continue reading

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Mushrooms in the yard

fairy_1482068cIsn’t odd when you find mushrooms in the grass? I understand them growing on my mulch or lichen on one of the trees, but somehow the concept of bright, healthy grass and fungus don’t seem to go together. Continue reading

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Experimenting with fertilizer

downloadI’m testing a new fertilizer this summer. A neighbor and book club friend recommended I try Milorganite. She says it’s green, works extremely well, and has the added bonus of deterring deer and possibly other mammals. Continue reading

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