Dog roses to knock out: A winner

rose double knock out

Rose Double Knock Out® from White Flower Farm (click on image to access site)

My sister recently relocated her family, is planning her gardens at her new home, and asked my two-cents on her plan. My first thought was, “where are the roses?” She said she’s tried roses numerous times at different addresses in different states (yes, she’s had to move more than once), and never had success. Continue reading

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Pink flamingos… aren’t they the best?

FlamingosI was one of many University of Wisconsin students in 1979, who were treated to the sight of 1,008 plastic pink flamingos placed on Bascom Hill by student-government pranksters from the Pail and Shovel Party. I spent all day smiling and thinking about how grand it was. Continue reading

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What does this flower mean?

A daisy symbolizes innocence and gentleness.

A daisy symbolizes innocence and gentleness.

I love flowers. The whole thing – planning, planting, weeding, dead heading, picking and everything in between. Smelling the blossoms. Watching the pollinators. And high on the list of why I love flowers are the meaning behind them. Continue reading

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Tarragon: King of herbs

tarragon-infused drinksLast weekend, we visited the newly reopened Stamm House. The food and service was good, the décor and ambiance magnificent, and the noise level not so good. For me the highlight was a tarragon infused signature Manhattan. Continue reading

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