How many garden myths have you fallen for?

good friday potato

Are they the “Devil’s food”?

My list garden fables, those bits of wisdom your mother, neighbor and best buddy shared (and you believed and implement), seems to be ever growing. Who knew there were so many gardening myths out there?! Continue reading

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Would you believe it? I did and I reposted.

russian sageI find it amazing how many un-truths there are out there. I do much of my research for my gardens and this blog as I wander through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and lots of online magazines and blogs. I share and post comments. Now I’m discovering that I fell for a lot of hogwash. Continue reading

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Urban myths and my garden

bananas-and-rosesI’m a fan. This is a site that debunks all sorts of urban myths. Recently I’ve become addicted to sites that debunk gardening myths. And, there are so many. Someone posts to Facebook or Pinterest, and then it’s like a snowball of sharing something that is actually untrue. Continue reading

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Queen Anne’s Lace: One drop of blood

queen-annes-laceWhile Queen Anne was tatting white lace, she pricked her finger and one drop of blood stained the lace. The lace became a flower and the drop of blood the central dark red or purple floret present on some, but not all, Queen Anne’s Lace flowers. Continue reading

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