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Personal design preferences

This blog is actually a short diatribe. I consider myself a hobby gardener of mediocre skill. I’m not a master gardener. I can’t devote more than few hours per week to my gardens. And while I try my best to … Continue reading

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Fantasies and dreams

Everyone has that day-dream that sustains them through dreary days, cranky people and tough times. While it would be fun to win the lottery and become independently wealthy it isn’t my usual fantasy. I want TV star to come do … Continue reading

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Aging well

It is important as we age to plan. I sound like a financial advisor, but it’s the truth. How we eat, exercise and live our daily lives evolves and changes as we age. In my youth I used to sunbathe … Continue reading

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Roses need a friend too

I love roses. Not the long stemmed, over-priced, hot house type. I like the shrubby, many stemmed, sweet smelling ones in the garden or in the medians in the shopping mall parking lot. This is the first home where I’ve … Continue reading

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