Which daylilies should I add to my garden?

Aren’t daylilies the best? From the orange ditch lilies in front of every farmhouse in Wisconsin to the beauties cultivated by the Wisconsin Daylily Society, I love them all.

Easy to grow. Easy to maintain. And so many choices. I’d love to get your input on what to add to my gardens this year.


Pocket Change

It has 4 1/2-inch bright red blooms with white edges and a small green throat. At 18 inches tall it really shines in the garden. Blooms early to mid season.

Wayside King Royale

A 6-inch rich purple bloom with a deeper purple halo around a vibrant yellow throat. Slightly ruffled edges and a faint midrib on the petals. It is 36 inches tall and fragrant. Blooms early to mid-season

Double Eyeful

A 4 1/2 inch great performing lavender or purple double. It is 26 inches tall. The deep lavender blooms have a darker purple eyezone and a distinct white midrib on the petals.  It blooms early in the season.

Darker Shade

Darker Shade

This is a very fragrant rebloomer. It’s blooms are 5 1/2 inch dark burgundy purple with a yellow throat.  It is 24 inches tall and begins blooming early to mid-season.

Crimson Shadows

Crimson Shadows

These are so easy to grow they are included in the ‘beginners collection’ and compared to other options very affordable. Flowers are 5 inches across and are a gorgeous deep crimson red. It stands 25 inches tall and blooms in mid to late0-season.

Little Grapette

Little Grapette

Deep grape colored blooms that are about 2 inches across with a deeper purple band around a small chartreuse throat. Not registered as fragrant, but this may be a mistake as many report a great aroma. It is 12-18 inches tall in tight little clusters. It blooms early season.

Just one more for you to consider and maybe recommend.

PANDORA’S BOX1642_page
The 4-inch blooms are a pale cream with a deep purple eyezone. The contrasting light and dark come together to make a very attractive daylily. It is 19 inches tall and best of all fragrant. Winner of the 1987 Annie T. Giles award for best small flower. It is a rebloomer and begins in early to mid-season.

I would be remiss in not giving credit to Oakes Daylilies, one of my favorite sources for beautiful, healthy daylilies. I’ve bought or been gifted daylilies from may sources but always been pleased with the quality from Oakes.

So which should I get this year?!


About Kary Beck

Mother and wife, gardener, wine enthusiast, avid online bargain hunter, and owner of two black-and-tan cocker spaniels.
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1 Response to Which daylilies should I add to my garden?

  1. Laura Ricci says:

    I also love daffodils and learned from a master gardener to plant them with daylillies. The daffodils come up before the daylillies and fill the bed with blooms, and then as they fade, the daylillies take off and bloom the rest of the season.


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