Fantasies and dreams

diyEveryone has that day-dream that sustains them through dreary days, cranky people and tough times. While it would be fun to win the lottery and become independently wealthy it isn’t my usual fantasy. I want TV star to come do some sort of fantastic transformation.

I am watching, have watched, or taped all the reality TV hits:

  • DIY Yard Crashers with Ahmed Hassan or Matt Blashaw (and sometimes Josh Temple)
  • DIY Desparate Landscapes with Jason Cameron  (love when drags huge trees around)
  • Extra Yardage with Billy Derian
  • Disaster DIY with Bryan Baeumler
  • Sweat Equity with Amy Matthews (also love her new In One Night Room crashers show)
  • Backyard Blitz with Kayleen McCabe
  • Curb Appeal: the Block with John Gidding, Kimberly Lacy and Bill Beckwith
  • Rock Solid with Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns (cousins)
  • The King of Dirt with Gino Panaro (Normally I have fun counting the number of times Canadian DIYers say “hooos” but Gino’s NJ accent is way fun.)
  • Indoors Out with the same Dean and Derek team (note this one isn’t always Wisconsin friendly)
  • I Hate My Yard with Sara Bendrick
  • Going Yard with Chris Lambton
  • Gardening by the Yard with Paul James
  • The Outdoor Room with James Durie
  • Yard Attack with Steve Watson

They seem to end and restart, so keeping track of times and re-runs can be tricky. Thank heavens for the DVR so I can save them to watch from my treadmill later.

I love the new products and tools. They regularly introduce fresh ideas of ways to deal with ongoing problems or issues.  I eagerly await each lesson and shared tips & tricks. But best of all is the transformations. In just a few days a backyard becomes the envy of all. A bevy of experts descend with super skills, power tools, and free products to create these amazing, awe-inspiring outdoor spaces.

Are there negatives? A few. I’ve watched episodes where there was not a single plant that could withstand a Wisconsin winter much less our shortened growing season. I’ve watched episodes where the host’s solution to a bad yard is to cover it entirely with hardscaping and fake grass. The worst? They give me fantastic ideas that either I don’t have the time, money or skills to accomplish. But I’m an addict and can’t stay away.

My fantasy is very detailed. It involves an outdoor flagstone staircase, sound-cancelling water feature along my retaining wall, extending the grilling patio to include a pergola with an adult swing and doing a better job of terracing our steep hill so that there are more entertaining areas outdoors.  Figuring out how to get the stereo outside so I could listen to music while I garden would be fun. Dave has even gotten into my fantasy by adding an in-ground watering system, built-in stone grill and outdoor bar area, golf putting green with a gas glass fire pit area and seating. He also added he would love something to keep him better protected when he grills in the winter.

So if any famous TV stars read my blog… please DM or email me at I’ll give you my address and all the great reasons why you should come to Middleton, Wisconsin. P.S. We’ll buy the beer.


About Kary Beck

Mother and wife, gardener, wine enthusiast, avid online bargain hunter, and owner of two black-and-tan cocker spaniels.
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