It isn’t cheap. It’s inexpensive.


When it comes to nurseries and greenhouses, I’m not particularly loyal. Yes, I have my favorites for that something special I’ve been dreaming about. Or if I have a particularly thorny problem (no pun intended) my tried-and-true gardening sources. But when it comes right down to it I love a bargain, I’m easily tempted, and proximity and availability weigh heavily on my gardening plans.

My husband is a member of the Menards Club. I’m not actually sure there is a club but if there was one, DB would be a member. He goes to Menards at least once a weekend and sometimes if he’s working on a project a couple times a day. As his favorite sidekick I go along to share my hardware and DIY experience with him (he appreciates my witty input).

Menards has a pretty stupendous selection of plants, shrubs, seeds and bulbs. They have tools, greenhouses, hoses and sprinklers, lawnmowers, ponds, and landscaping stuff like rocks and stepping stones. Menards selection of repellants is probably the best in Dane County. And best of all … really great prices.

Most of the time their Lawn & Garden clerks have limited knowledge of what is being sold. It isn’t uncommon to find gorgeous plant specimen right next to several flats that haven’t been watered for a several weeks. Some items are in the greenhouse and other items are inside the building not necessarily in any logical location. But did I mention the selection and prices? Plus what am I going to do while Dave buys out the rest of the store.

My sister was planning some fairly extensive shrubbery purchases. We priced several well-known local greenhouses plus the usual Shopko, Wal-Mart, etc. Menards was the winner. They had large, healthy shrubs with tags indicating all had been grown in the upper Midwest and wintered here. We were able to purchase lilacs, roses, hydrangea, boxwood, butterfly bush and a Russian sage.

So my closing advice? I buy the huge majority of my gardening needs at Menards. If you don’t need guidance or advice, if you carefully check the plants, and if you are looking for quantity over unique-ness then Menards is the place for you.



About Kary Beck

Mother and wife, gardener, wine enthusiast, avid online bargain hunter, and owner of two black-and-tan cocker spaniels.
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