Hunt’n varmints

Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but… ehhh, it’s a living. ~ Bugs Bunny

So, I have a varmint in my vegetable bed. It dug up the sugar snap peas before they could root, munched on the strawberries and totally cleaned out the three terracotta pots of leaf lettuce. Evidentially it isn’t fond of dill, oregano or chives but my basil and parsley are gone.

My original plan was to stink it out, so I rolled half a box of moth balls down its hole under the water meter. Took it only a couple days to deposit all the moth balls on the lawn outside the garden fence. In frustration I threaded the garden hose down the hole only to make a swampy mess of the back the vegetable bed.

So my next plan was to threaten with predators nearby. I spread dog hair all around all the plants and near the hole. I tried to entice Harvey and Nigel to mark their territory in there but they became confused and ate what was left of the strawberries. Guess cocker spaniels are not predators to chipmunks. The fuzzy piles of hair didn’t seem to faze the eating activity because now that the strawberries are gone it’s chewing on the blueberry bushes bark.

The other day I was dragging my wheelbarrow of weeds back to the garage and I actually saw it. I think it was doing it’s “timid little woodland creature bit.” Unlike Elmer Fudd, I’m not falling for it.

The current plan is a Havahart trap with a tortilla chip and nutella. So okay, I didn’t have a cracker and peanut butter in the house. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


About Kary Beck

Mother and wife, gardener, wine enthusiast, avid online bargain hunter, and owner of two black-and-tan cocker spaniels.
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1 Response to Hunt’n varmints

  1. Kary Bec says:

    I promised to let you know how it turned out. Well we’ve caught two chipmunks in the Havahrts and the local hawk couple got a few rabbits. Plus the cocker spaniels got one chipmunk, and yet I still have something that is munching out of the veggie bed. I’m starting to suspect the dogs.


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