Guilty, guilty, guilty

Bugleweed (Ajuga Reptans)

I read an editorial of a fellow gardener bemoaning her “bad habits.” They ranged from not mulching areas she couldn’t see, not taking good care of her tools and swearing when she thought no one could hear.

Got me thinking about my bad garden habits. I often lose my tools only to discover them half buried in mulch and needing a sharpening because they’ve now been rained on.

I have a problem with effective planning. When I see a really cool plant and have to buy it whether I have a spot to put it or not. Most of my plants are too close to each other because I just tucked something in an open area regardless of its eventual size.

It’s difficult for me to discard healthy plants so reseeders, spreaders, plants with suckers tend to predominate. When my Ajuga reptans began to take over every flower bed and head out into the lawn to conquer there too. It was with great reluctance that I began to thin it when  I should have gotten a huge bottle of Roundup.

I also seem to take better care of the gardens than me. I work until I have blisters and cuts on my hands and arms. I’ve thrown my back more than once. And, I never remember the suntan lotion or bug spray.

So what is your bad gardening habit?


About Kary Beck

Mother and wife, gardener, wine enthusiast, avid online bargain hunter, and owner of two black-and-tan cocker spaniels.
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